Thursday, February 27, 2020

Andrew has abandoned us. Apparently dancing is more important to him than captaining a knowledge bowl team. Gabby will captain us today. I hate to admit it, but our chances of survival have plummeted without Andrew. I frankly won’t be surprised if Mr. Jacobson still lets Andrew be captain when he comes back, though I can’t say the whole team will accept him. If we manage to get a win without him, we most definitely won’t accept him. In math today we got sprayed with icky Axe Body Spray by Logan. But the math was super easy and didn’t take long. In band we got to play Willow Grove :(. In science Mrs. James was gone so we got to watch some dumb nova videos about the ocean. Leadership was, well, leadership. In History, we are still learning about the constitution. In English we got to vote on books and write a journal entry. Which brings me here… 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

There was nothing that happened today. In math we added polynomials. I said words and made sentences in an assembly, we went back to math for 2 minutes. Band came next, and we played music. Science was uneventful, we tried to filter yeast out of water. Suprise suprise, green scrubbers don’t work to filter water. Then we ate lunch. Idiots don’t know how to clean up after themselves, so we had to hide out in Ms. Berry’s room or go outside. In leadership, we started writing our Personal Mission Statements. In history we learned about the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. Rainen slammed the door (again). I read a couple pages of Glass Sword, the brother died, but one of the enemies died. I started writing in my journal. I wrote the following: Wednesday, February 26th…

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Today was kind of interesting, actually no it was rather boring. In math we actually learned something new, about polynomials and that kind of thing. It seems easy now, but will it stay that way? In Band we went over Dark Legends, it was very complicated, very long, and very scary. In science we tried to filter water, that went okay. But we still have no way of making the water less acidic. In leadership we read more out of the book we are reading. Still have no idea what my personal mission statement is going to be about. Also, knowledge bowl pictures were moved up to today, suprise suprise. I mean honestly, now I have homework :(.  In history high-school preparedness, we got to choose our classes. I am so confused, I have a hard time figuring out what I want to be, much less what I need to do to specialize in these areas. 

Red Queen

Red Queen, By: Victoria Aveyard
Mare Barrow is a “Red” raised in a poor village. She detests the silvers with their powers and their money and their inability to see reds as human. While pickpocketing at a bar, she lands herself a job at the palace. However, some deeper secrets about her become known. She has an ability, just like the silvers. Is she silver? No. Is she Red? Not completely. To cover up a secret, she becomes betrothed to one of the princes, and falls for the other as well. Be careful, according to Julian, “Anyone can betray anyone.”

I really liked this book, this is the third time that I am reading this, and I always seem to get lost in their world. I love fantasy novels and this was one of my first YA reads, so it was like AMAZING!

Rise Red As The Dawn

I’ve Been Thinking… Reflection, Prayers, and Meditation for a Meaningful Life

I’ve Been Thinking… Reflection, Prayers, and Meditation for a Meaningful Life, By: Maria Shriver
Self help books are not typically what I read. I am a cozy mystery junky. However, when I was perusing the online library the other evening after my latest novel had concluded and the protagonist had solved yet another mystery, a book by Maria Shriver popped up on my kindle screen. It was a newly acquired e-book that the library was advertising entitled, “I’ve Been Thinking…Reflection, Prayers, and Meditation for a Meaningful Life. Maria Shriver has always intrigued me. She is smart, beautiful, and a Kennedy. I decided to read just the introduction to the book, which was a few pages long and that is all it took. I soon found myself checking out a copy and downloading it to my kindle. I have gone this far with other books not in the mystery genre, but I seldom continue reading on and before I know it 21 days are up and the library has repossessed the copy I downloaded to my kindle. This book was different. I found myself drawn to reading it before bed, telling others about it, and reading it on my lunch breaks when I subbed at school. It is very well written and insightful. I like how the chapters start with a quote and end with a prayer. This book was exactly what my soul needed.
–Contributed by my Mom