Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today was interesting. I still had to do school. Math was easier than yesterday, I just had to add and subtract polynomials instead of multiplying and dividing them. I made $225 off a cord of wood. Then, I went and saw both sets of my grandparents. None of them have really been affected by the whole coronavirus predicament. My father’s father (my grandfather) was really only affected by the fact that he had to cancel his trip to Mexico (him and my grandmother go there every year). He had invited us to come again, but we declined because Covid-19 was starting to run wild. Last year we went with them and it was awesome. They go there every year and so had to get rid of a certain amount of points or they would lose them all. We got the largest room on the top floor. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a hotel room so large. My other grandparents have been doing even more yard work. They pulled out a ton of old bushes that the previous owner of their home seemed to like (I don’t know why). We (meaning my whole family) only have like two episodes left of Agent Carter left. Then we have to find another family TV show. The problem with Disney+ is that there are just so many things it’s hard to find something. I am finally watching the last season of Lucifer. I never like watching the last season of a TV show, then I have to find something else to watch. I am almost finished with War Storm. I love that book, but then I have to move on from that series. I mean at a certain point you have to stop re-reading a series over and over because you just love the characters. I have started learning calligraphy. It isn’t hard, but it is far from easy. It actually takes concentration, so you can tell where I lose focus. The words get crooked. Lots of pansies and violets have been popping up. I love volunteer flowers, then I don;t have to plant more. I love the quote today, though I prefer the quote, “Well there’s these things called books…. They are like TV for smart people.” Quote by Robert Redford.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Oh my gosh I hate my neighbors. Nevermind that I’ve never actually met them. They broke our internet when they were using an excavator. I mean, doesn’t something say something along the lines of call before you dig? Century Link took forever to get here they were like, ah one week. They came a day early (at least). My mother has still been making us do schoolwork, though. I should never have brought home my math book. I did learn how to divide polynomials. I have also read (I would say had but I like it so much). My mother made me listen to a podcast and then write a reflection essay. I never knew she could be so boring. Over the past while, because of those dumb internet problems, I have been rewatching shows on Netflix that I liked. I am finally getting around to watching the Hunger Games trilogy. I finally updated my computer, it has been nagging me to do it every day for the past year or so. We also had to reset the apple TV (after Dad broke it). I don’t know why I was so skeptical of joining Apple Music. I did the math and the cost of the subscription is less than buying ten songs. So, I joined (without the free trial this time). I have finally been able to view your comments on the story I have been working on. I have also been adding on to it, during the internet problem I used Pages instead of Google Docs.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Today I had to go through all the stuff in mine and my brother’s closet. There was a lot of stuff in there. It wasn’t messy just, or at least my side wasn’t, but there was just a lot of stuff in there. I started a story, if you want you can view it if you want. I made brownies today! There was no wifi this morning (and up until about five when Century Link finally decided they could fix it) so it was just a lo-fi day. I’ve been in touch with Zuzu, but miss my other friends (even though it’s only been two days!). I suppose I don’t like that the surprise vacation didn’t let me say my farewells. My mother has been doing home-school for us. So far I have made a presentation about sleep stages.
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Math was boring today. I got to learn how to do something we learned how to do yesterday. So, yes, it was easy. But I mean come on. “Special Products?”. 

Stupid Coronavirus is stupid and dumb and stupid and takes joy in other people’s suffering. Today I no longer have a knowledge bowl meet and a band concert, so I guess I now have nothing to do. Which means that nothing is there to delay me from working on my CBA for history. I guess I could take the dogs for a very long walk and not have to do it. Okay a very, very, very long walk. Or, I could hunker down and actually do it, but then I’ll have nothing to do tomorrow in history. In band we played the songs we aren’t playing at the concert that isn’t happening. I mean we poured a lot of work into polishing up these songs. It isn’t fair.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Suggestive. That’s what Adam said that made us all wonder. Suggestive. You see, Adam finds it hard to have people stare at him. It makes him mad. So, in leadership Zuzu and I took turns tapping our nails on the table to make Adam look, then we stared at him. (It isn’t bullying because reasons.) Adam later explained that he felt it hard to have people stare at him because it was Suggestive. Interpret that how you like.

I am very good at helping people find a book to read. You see I just tell them to stay right there. Then, I run around and pick up an armload of books and give it to them. Then, I go and find some more. You see, my philosophy is that if I am giving them so many different books, then there must be at least one book in there that they like. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Today has been boring. Today has been uneventful. I did math, then I read, then I did more math. Then, I played a flute. Then we ran from the classroom. Then, I played with sand. Then, I ate food. Then, I watched a substitute try so hard. Then, I researched School Uniforms. Then I wrote in a journal about my boring day. Also, I am, like totally, not writing a short and crappy journal entry because I want to read.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Portland is weird, but pigs’ ears taste good. Over the weekend, we went to Portland to go to an escape room for my grandfather’s birthday. Afterwards, we went out to lunch at some weird Portland-y restaurant   (Now open in Las Vegas). My aunt, who had also come up, decided to try pigs’ ears. Okay, so they aren’t as bad as that sounds. They taste like bacon. Then we went to Powell’s (I love Powell’s) and that was saturday. Yesterday, I pressure washed the driveway and then split wood for the better part of two hours. So today I have been dead (also couldn’t sleep…). So far today, I have gone to math. I learned nothing and spent a good deal of time reading. The heater put off a smell of burning plastic so the heat was off and the classroom smelt like disgustingness. Band was cool, we got to watch the slideshow that is supposed to go along with our symphony. I kind of feel bad for all the younger siblings who are going to see the pictures and hear the music. Combined, it is quite creepy. That has been my life since I last wrote in a nutshell.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Today we reviewed multiplying polynomials. Then I recorded a podcast. Then, I played an instrument. Then I got to work with my group in science to try and plan out a lab to investigate how in the world we are going to tell how stream flow affects deltas. Then, I ate lunch because I was hungry. Then I presented a personal mission statement in leadership. Then we looked at in history. I am now in English…..