Plan for Future Blog Posts

Over the past few months, I have written journal entries every so often. I realize that this can’t be the most interesting thing to read about on the internet. So, I have had to come up with a better idea. Hopefully this new idea will be more interesting and make it so that this website actually has people that look at it.
Now, I realize that I haven’t said what I am going to do yet. So here it goes (please don’t laugh): I have a book of 642 things to write about. Since I haven’t had a chance to use it quite yet, I figured this would be it. Plus, hopefully someone out there finds it interesting as well. I will plan to post weekly, with new posts appearing on Friday, though the starting date is unknown (though I hope that I can start soon). I hope you will enjoy this as much as I think that I will.
With love,
Trenton Stevens

P.S I feel bad about writing posts without a picture. Since I went bike riding today, I figure I’ll put that in here.