Thursday, April 23, 2020

I was listening to my brother and my mom proofread his story for class. Oh my gosh I am so glad i learned how to elaborate on things. His story was like First we did this, then we did that, then this happened, then we solved the problem, then it happened again, then it was all over and we could all sleep. If you start at one of my grandparents houses and you take a certain road, you come across an intersection. If you go one way, you hit my other grandparents house, if you go the other way you hit my uncle’s parent’s house. I sincerely think that my brother needs a fidget. He messes with whatever is close by and he can touch whenever he’s working on something. Which, by the way, shouldn’t bother me, but it does because he was literally snapping a crayon until he couldn’t anymore. He was about to grab another but I stopped him just in time before Granny Smith Apples was destroyed. When painting, I go through different phases. Like with the focus and what I am portraying, or how I am portraying it. Whether I use pencil lines in it or whether I like just paint to show. This kind of comes out of nowhere, but I didn’t know there was a Republic of Texas. I also find it rather odd that Great Britain had a female prime minister in the 70’s and we still haven’t had a female president. I mean, back in the 1700’s we were a country with “newfangled” ideas. I really like saying that word. “Newfangled”.

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