Monday, April 27, 2020

I have been playing around a lot with my website. But, I think I have finally gotten it to a point where it feels good. I mean, getting the themes right. Every time I change the theme, I have to reconfigure the website so that it flows better. However, I did figure out how to make it seem like I posted something a while ago. So, in cases like when I forget to post my journal entry, I can post it yesterday, from today! The problem with changing my theme so much, is that eventually you have just waaaay too many downloaded. So, there are a few that I like, and can always change to, so I didn’t remove them. I have found splitting wood to be three things. 1) A form of exercise, 2) A therapeutic thing to do, and 3) A means of getting yourself out of doing other chores. I actually do not mind this whole quarantine thing. I normally don’t lead a very social life. In fact, this routine is very close to that of my normal summer life. The only difference is the learning we have to do. For all the classes, save science, the workload is pretty minimal. Science is just one of those classes, where there is a lot of stuff to cover. Band is downright boring. If I wanted to play an instrument by myself, I wouldn’t have signed up for band. I started watching legacies, because Netflix recommended it to me. The characters seemed really well developed and seemed to have a backstory. So, I did some research. It is actually a sequel series to The Vampire Diaries. So, now I have a lot of things to watch. I seem to go through phases where I have like nothing to watch and then I have a lot to watch. The same applies to reading. Have you ever noticed that readers congratulate themselves for finishing a book by buying more books? It just seems weird, like having lunch for breakfast. While I was down in the forest today, I couldn’t help but overhear the telltale buzz of bees. I didn’t see them along the trails. But they are down there somewhere, waiting for the chance to sting. That seemed to conclude the entry in a seemingly ominous tone.

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