Thursday, March 12, 2020

Math was boring today. I got to learn how to do something we learned how to do yesterday. So, yes, it was easy. But I mean come on. “Special Products?”. 

Stupid Coronavirus is stupid and dumb and stupid and takes joy in other people’s suffering. Today I no longer have a knowledge bowl meet and a band concert, so I guess I now have nothing to do. Which means that nothing is there to delay me from working on my CBA for history. I guess I could take the dogs for a very long walk and not have to do it. Okay a very, very, very long walk. Or, I could hunker down and actually do it, but then I’ll have nothing to do tomorrow in history. In band we played the songs we aren’t playing at the concert that isn’t happening. I mean we poured a lot of work into polishing up these songs. It isn’t fair.

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