Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Suggestive. That’s what Adam said that made us all wonder. Suggestive. You see, Adam finds it hard to have people stare at him. It makes him mad. So, in leadership Zuzu and I took turns tapping our nails on the table to make Adam look, then we stared at him. (It isn’t bullying because reasons.) Adam later explained that he felt it hard to have people stare at him because it was Suggestive. Interpret that how you like.

I am very good at helping people find a book to read. You see I just tell them to stay right there. Then, I run around and pick up an armload of books and give it to them. Then, I go and find some more. You see, my philosophy is that if I am giving them so many different books, then there must be at least one book in there that they like. 

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