Monday, March 9, 2020

Portland is weird, but pigs’ ears taste good. Over the weekend, we went to Portland to go to an escape room for my grandfather’s birthday. Afterwards, we went out to lunch at some weird Portland-y restaurant   (Now open in Las Vegas). My aunt, who had also come up, decided to try pigs’ ears. Okay, so they aren’t as bad as that sounds. They taste like bacon. Then we went to Powell’s (I love Powell’s) and that was saturday. Yesterday, I pressure washed the driveway and then split wood for the better part of two hours. So today I have been dead (also couldn’t sleep…). So far today, I have gone to math. I learned nothing and spent a good deal of time reading. The heater put off a smell of burning plastic so the heat was off and the classroom smelt like disgustingness. Band was cool, we got to watch the slideshow that is supposed to go along with our symphony. I kind of feel bad for all the younger siblings who are going to see the pictures and hear the music. Combined, it is quite creepy. That has been my life since I last wrote in a nutshell.

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