Thursday, February 27, 2020

Andrew has abandoned us. Apparently dancing is more important to him than captaining a knowledge bowl team. Gabby will captain us today. I hate to admit it, but our chances of survival have plummeted without Andrew. I frankly won’t be surprised if Mr. Jacobson still lets Andrew be captain when he comes back, though I can’t say the whole team will accept him. If we manage to get a win without him, we most definitely won’t accept him. In math today we got sprayed with icky Axe Body Spray by Logan. But the math was super easy and didn’t take long. In band we got to play Willow Grove :(. In science Mrs. James was gone so we got to watch some dumb nova videos about the ocean. Leadership was, well, leadership. In History, we are still learning about the constitution. In English we got to vote on books and write a journal entry. Which brings me here… 

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