Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I know eavesdropping is bad. But, is it really eavesdropping if the people are yelling? Let’s back this up, because that question seems like it came out of nowhere. My mother and my brother get into some serious arguments. Well, technically my brother gets mad at my mom and then that escalates. It usually centers around things like: when he loses his glorified iPod, homework, or online learning. However, these things can get started anywhere at any moment. I will be peacefully doing something, when it suddenly starts. The tell-tale sign that means an argument is brewing. The annoyed, angry, thunderous, “Mom-uuuuu.” (In case you didn’t know the uuuuu is meant to be interpreted as a groan.) And then the storm breaks. Today, it ended when my mom told him to go outside to cool down. During this whole ordeal, my father is technically supposed to be helping my mom. He does, while they are in the same room as him. Since he is typically in the office, as soon as the arguers leave, he starts snickering. 

Now the real fun (for me) begins. Simple things that wouldn’t annoy a human being can be used against him like arrows. My favorite is if it is before dinner. Then, since he sits across from me, I stare at him. This typically makes him enter psychotic angry monster mode, but it is super fun. Sometimes, I tell him I love him. Everytime I pass him. He usually responds with, “I hate you too.” Yes, I know that annoying someone isn’t the best thing a human being can do to another. However, it makes up for everything he does to me.

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