Red Queen

Red Queen, By: Victoria Aveyard
Mare Barrow is a “Red” raised in a poor village. She detests the silvers with their powers and their money and their inability to see reds as human. While pickpocketing at a bar, she lands herself a job at the palace. However, some deeper secrets about her become known. She has an ability, just like the silvers. Is she silver? No. Is she Red? Not completely. To cover up a secret, she becomes betrothed to one of the princes, and falls for the other as well. Be careful, according to Julian, “Anyone can betray anyone.”

I really liked this book, this is the third time that I am reading this, and I always seem to get lost in their world. I love fantasy novels and this was one of my first YA reads, so it was like AMAZING!

Rise Red As The Dawn

The Gender Game Series

The Gender Game Series, By: Bella Forrest
Violet Bates’s world is turned upside down on a mission that reveals a despotic world’s true intentions. Will she survive?
I would say that this series was pretty entertaining. I had a hard time with the fact that Violet Bates could take down someone who was genetically enhanced to be stronger and faster than she was, among other people she fought. Also, the fact that hardly anyone close to Violet perishes, in the middle of a war. So overall: 4 star. Believability: 1.75-2.5 stars.